Makkal Shakthi

I stumbled across these clips while making rounds reading my daily digest of Malaysian politics. What touches me is the spirit of these people, though in Ipoh far away from the scene of HINDRAF activities down in Klang Valley..these people are ought to be congratulated for their effort in organising this rally to denounce the ISA imposed on the detained HINDRAF leaders. I suddenly had the urge to embed this here as a recollection of and a reminder that people power is nothing to be fooled and toyed around with.

I’m pimping this clip as a show of solidarity and to be honest I’m proud that the yellow wave is spreading rapidly even to the heartlands of Perak, my beloved state!

Makkal shakthi to all Malaysian Indians, may the light shine brighter for you after the upcoming GE! Happy Thaipusam to all of you.

*Kudos to MP Kulasegaran in clip 4 (sounds like him) who dissed the boys in blue. Those fellas need some of those thrashing in their face once awhile thou.