Ijok – No Joke (Pt.2)

ijok_00.jpgBN secured victory in Ijok and kicked PKR once more thus denying the come back of the former DPM, Anwar Ibrahim. As usual the by-election was ‘decorated’ (marred?) with violence, heavy presence of police and alleged phantom voters. Surprisingly, the majority was even larger (1,850) than the previous election results (1,649) BUT Ijok witnessed a swing of Chinese votes to PKR.

Chinese voters are known to have use votes ‘wisely’ either to return favour OR punish the current runners. History just repeats itself as Chinese people will keep any past wrong-doings of the government i.e. such as Hishamuddin’s keris wielding case etc. Since Ijok’s candidates are not Chinese, Chinese voters are more likely to be ardent observers in the scenario to see what sort of benefit that both can provide and the Chinese will wisely see who will likely to give in their favour.



Bullies at work

As quoted by The Star;

“Although this was an increased majority for Barisan, in Chinese areas like Pekan Berjuntai Bestari (S), Pekan Berjuntai Bestari (U) and Pekan Ijok, the Chinese voters seemed to have swung away from the ruling coalition.”

Pak Lah’s delinquent

It makes me ponder how the Chinese people in township can have their votes swung to PKR? Is there not much development in the township that BN might oversee because they were busy developing Indian estates and Malay kampungs and ignored the Chinese in township completely? The attribute of the voters this time can be categorically put in this way where Chinese are obviously fence-sitters, Malays are dilemmatical as they were torn between UMNOism and PKR and Indians are obviously; the biggest contributors to Parthiban’s win.


One thing I for sure, this BN victory even though secured with large majority, it was still considered incidental, nothing near comfort. Their victory can be either contributed by higher turn outs OR phantoms-at-work. Nothing surprising as BN patterns of practising democracy always comes symmetrical.

Tan Sri Khalid’s gossip

PM quoted that “The Barisan Nasional victory is proof of the people’s confidence in the coalition Government.” is being seen as too overzealous. Swinging Chinese votes still sounds comforting? Better do your post mortem or regret in the next election!

One of my fave Anwar speech

The sequence of events flooding Youtube..you’d be surprised!

Nomination day


Polling day