Bidor Got A Bypass Road

Clipboard01This is a lame hometown-themed blogging to announce a development in my, of course hometown! Bidor bypass that connects the 4th Mile, Bidor – Teluk Intan road (Federal Route 58) to Kg.Baru Pekan Pasir in Bidor – Sungkai road (Federal Route 1) has been officially completed in September after 1½ years in construction.

The construction commences in March 2008 after the tender was officially made public the year before that. The contractor that was responsible for the construction is MRA Construction Sdn Bhd and the bypass costs RM 19,324,276.53 for a mere 5km stretch.

The bypass will reduce traffic congestion especially in festive seasons where spikes of traffic from the NSE (North-South Expressway) en-route to Teluk Intan, Sitiawan and Lumut normally pass-through Bidor town centre.

What seem to be a good news might be perceived as bad news for Bidorians as this bypass will severe the town’s economy if commuters opted the en-route via the bypass to the west-coast without stopping by at Bidor.

This bypass is still unknown to many but I bet once it was made known, Sungkai will be thriving more than Bidor as the bypass was located northward from Sungkai. Commuters will soon find it more convenient to exit via Sungkai and continue their journey northward before turning into the bypass instead of going through town centre.

I hope it wouldn’t be as bad as many Bidor netizen claimed as I believe my hometown had a bit of long-standing reputation of local produce that might appeal to many visitors.

If you are a Bidorian and an avid Google Earth user, I have compiled a .kmz file for your viewing pleasure. You can download it from here.