Appetite For Destruction (Part 1)

Okay okay before ya’ll freak out that title wasn’t dedicated to me. It was dedicated to MPAJ (Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya) and our most honourable Faggots-R-Us (FRU) who have just created their own mini-holocaust to the Berembang folks by tearing down their houses, shoving their asses, hurling abuse and smacking up their women and children. Talking about Hadari, Pak Lah has just bio-engineered a new breed of lean-mean fighting machine to shove the rakyat’s ass ala-Robocop style. At least Robocop have hearts for women and children. But MPAJ EO’s and FRU don’t. Congratulation. Anda sememangnya boleh (boleh buat kerja haram dan kejam).

Couple of weeks ago, it was temples of different faith – Hindu & Taoist being targetted. I kept quiet. Now to show off their kononnya fair and leniency regardless of race and religion, they targetted their own. But shoving off women and smacking kids in a surau? That was so not a wise move you so-called mister nice guy! Where’s the chivalrousness that Hadari taught you lot? All went down the drain? Kurang ajar! You really make yourself a prick, and seven generation from you onwards are natural born pricks and retard. (yes, so i just cursed you like Mahsuri did).

I was on hiatus for few days and was really shocked to find this article from Lilian. It really moved me and soon after that, I was on another pathway releasing a Youtube exclusive clip. Since I haven’t got enough hours in my night, I decided to put it up in my Part 2 in Appetite For Destruction (aka The MPAJ & FRU Diss). Stay tuned peeps. Power to the people!

Extras, check thisĀ  interview.