Tun Mahathir: The Survivor

Read the papers? The Dose of Venom thingy? That’s hawt. Seems like gomen controlled journalist have the penchant of putting overly ‘kao’ titles just to make their papers sellable OR sensational OR just to ‘gatal’ agitating people.

Here…I am presenting ya’ll a self-made parody of Tun M in a Youtube clip format (spend few hours workin on this sheet)! Tun M, who is the tuffie at current with surrounding enemies all around him making him one of Malaysia’s soon-to-be public enemy number one!

The clip is all about his down & ups as well as the faces of his enemies from the past and present. Feel free to leave a comment. A cartoon will follow up soon.

Let’s see who’s arse get shoved first! Bwahahaha…