P44=PAA=Pakatan Ambil Alih

Good thing DSAI’s case was bailable, even at 20K, PR had nothing to lose. This will at least allow DSAI to concentrate on his campaigns in Permatang Pauh soon.

I like to analyse situations, and I have found indications that shows the crushing defeat of BN soon is VERY imminent. Why did I say so?

This is because P44: Permatang Pauh itself show signs in it’s parliamentary numbering. Check this out;

Permatang Pauh is P44. If you ‘alphabatisize’ the 44, the closest match to an alphabet has got to be ‘A’, thus P44 becomes PAA. If you treat PAA as an abbreviation, it can simply mean ‘Pakatan Ambil Alih’, in English ‘Pakatan (Rakyat) Take Over’.

Another shocking revelation I want to share here. Check the by-election date – 26th Aug 2008. Let’s put it this way, by treating all as numerals.

26th Aug 2008 becomes 26-08-2008. Add up all the single numbers; 2+6+0+8+2+0+0+8=26. Simplify 26 to a single number, and therefore 2+6=8. The single number is 8, and 8 is an auspicious number for Chinese.

Those rrevelations indicate that the by-election had showed signs of a good omen.

Lawan tetap lawan. All my support for DSAI & Pakatan Rakyat.