Langkawi Trip (D1): Sorting Stuff @ Boat Work

lankawiWednesday, 2/12/09 – Woke up nearly 10am, rushed to the marina office bathrooms to ‘clearout’. Quickly grabbed some slippers from Petronas store then we had a quick breakfast at Telaga Harbour KFC. Morning was free and easy as we chilled at the yacht doing some mundanes.

We skipped lunch as we had a late breakfast, could be easily treated as a brunch. Not long after that we did some sorting up. Previously we had sorted the stuffs roughly under the bench and stored them there before we left. This time we had to unearth the stuff again and re-sort them based on their usefulness.

We managed to salvaged some a lot of stuff such as filters, cables and spare parts that is age old ‘inherited’ by the yacht’s previous owners. In the unearthing process, we even unearthed a Thai King’s portrait. Not to be rude but we chucked them away as we do not need courtesy portraits of a foreign king when our yacht is not even berthed in their country. We are in Malaysia!

For that process, we managed to accumulate few boxes for usage and few for giveaways, and boy our contractor, Chong and Pete must be happy to have received early X’mas goodies from us.

We wrapped up for the evening, and headed to a pizzaria at Perdana Quay for a good evening chillout. I think the day is quite fruitful as we managed to dispose off 3 bags of junks and salvaged few boxes for our own use and some ‘goodies’ for our contractors.

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