Joomla SEO-ing

Found some cool site of SEO-ing Joomla portals. Joomla sites unlike WordPress are difficult to SEO, which makes that the biggest downside of the CMS. This is because Joomla was made of many ‘parts’ (modules, mambots, components) that intertwine with each other to form a functional CMS, thus making indexing spiders ‘confused’ whilst entering a Joomla site. A proper ‘guide’ in form of scripts or SEF (Search Engine Friendly) patchers need to be implemented to guide the almost-confused indexers to the right places in the CMS.

Here are some guide that might be useful for you Joomla SEO freaks;

  1. SEO For Joomla Websites (Site Reference)
  2. SH404SEF (Joomla Extensions)
  3. SEF Download (Joomlacode)
  4. Getting the Number One SEO Factor Improved In Joomla