PPP Gimme…

PPP (PayPerPost) was the only internet money making programme that contribute most of my side incomes compared to others. At the moment, I have already made nearly USD200 and ongoing with my blog. The income varies as it depends on how much spare time that I have got in posting entries.

When I have too much spare time, that is where the money come flowing in after each post. At the moment, I have limited time online as I am occupied with work. Income has been slightly slower but I vow to make active come backs when the opportunities featured became more attractive.

It was interesting to know how fellow posties spend their earnings from PPP. As for me, I am accumulating them more than I spend them. And all the funds resides handsomely in my PayPal. It sits there waiting for me to cash out on eBay purchases that I made once awhile. I use them to buy electronic gadgets, collectibles, computer peripherals, gifts or web design or site enhancement kits online.

So how about you guys?